adornment for the modern goddess
powered by the influence of the sun + moon (selene)
inspired by
human history
ancient mythology
astrology + beyond
This design studio was created by me , Brittanny (Phipps) DeRaffele, and is based out of my home workspace in Richmond, Va. With my degree from Radford University in fashion merchandising + design, and a minor in studio art + metalsmithing, I began the brainstorm after graduation of how to merge the two into a career.

From the beginning, designing under my namesake, I was creating pieces that I envisioned the ancient goddesses would wear in modern day. The idea of an ancient people being adorned with pieces crafted of precious metal and gemstone, before any of the conveniences of modern tools, has always intrigued me. Being a metalsmith is such a labor of love with tedious steps to create the final, shining, finished pieces and I feel lucky to have discovered my love of such an archaic and time honored profession.

 As a Cancer, a moon driven summer sign, I've always been influenced by the sun and moon in my work and life. SELENE, the goddess and ancient personification of the moon, has been a driving force behind my work from the beginning of this design journey and sparked the evolution of the current collection. In January 2017, I completed the full renaissance of the brand and SUN & SELENE was born.

Each piece is hand fabricated, hammered, polished, and finished using recycled metals and responsibly sourced gemstones. For more on the metals and jewelry care click here
an ever growing collection
to effortlessly adorn + empower