for a safe, effective clean, you can now purchase the new SHINE all natural cleansing system. crafted in collaboration with RVA brand Maven Made and formulated to clean, disinfect, and polish your gems. safe for metal and stone and sensitive skin. comes with soft bristle brush to keep your pieces shining. 



each piece is handcrafted to order in my home studio in Richmond, Va. 
everything is hand fabricated, hammered, finished, and polished (no chemical sealants).

i work with genuine sterling silver, 14KT rolled gold/gold filled, and brass. 

14KT rolled gold/gold filled is a solid bond of 14KT gold to a gold tone base metal. its great for sensitive skin (no nickel!) and with proper care it will wear and keep its shine as long as solid gold.

as with all natural metals, avoid contact with hard water & harsh chemicals to prevent any discoloration or reaction.

anything you see can be made with solid 10, 14, or 18KT gold. prices determined upon request. 

Use SHINE all natural jewelry cleanser to keep your silver and gold jewelry fresh. 

a soft bristle toothbrush + mild hand soap
does wonders!
doing this when you notice any dulling will clean and remove any dirt or buildup.

you can do the same with most stone rings. be extra gentle with soft stones like pearls, opals, and emeralds. (when in doubt, google it)

regular hand washing/suds-to-jewelry contact help keep your gems shiny, just be sure to always dry well after! 

and be careful with beauty and hair products, they can have weird reactions with any kind of metals.
rinse your jewelry after your beauty routine! 

Use SHINE all natural jewelry cleaner to keep your brass jewelry fresh.

brass jewelry will naturally patina and darken over time. 
brass will keep its shine and luster better with frequent wear.
when storing, keep dry and preferably in a closed container or bag. 

prolonged wear + contact with water without drying may have the "green" skin effect for some wearers. 
don't panic, its just a reaction of copper metal traces + our skins natural acidic nature (it'll wash off easy with rubbing alcohol).
to avoid this, be sure to dry your brass well after each hand washing or cleaning. 

contact for any questions about metals (i love that stuff).