adornment for the modern goddess
powered by the influence of the sun + moon (selene)
inspired by
human history
ancient mythology
astrology + beyond
an ever growing collection
to effortlessly adorn + empower

Created by Brittanny Chanel DeRaffele (Phipps) and is based in Richmond, Va. With a degree from Radford University in fashion merchandising/design, along with a minor in studio art/metalsmithing, it was a natural progression after college to merge the two into a career.

From the beginning in 2014, designing under her namesake, DeRaffele was creating pieces that embodied the visions of classic goddesses; designed for modern day. The idea of an ancient people being adorned with jewelry crafted of metal and gemstones, long before the conveniences of modern tools, has always intrigued and inspired the design process.

As a Cancer, with a Leo Moon + Leo rising, DeRaffele has always been influenced by the glowing energies of the sun + moon. (Cancer's ruling planet is the Moon, while Leo's ruling planet is the could say it was written in the stars). SELENE, the goddess and ancient personification of the moon, was the inspiration for the first ring in the collection that started this journey and sparked the evolution of the current line.

In January 2017, the full renaissance of the brand was complete and SUN & SELENE was born. 

Carefully hand fabricated, hammered, polished, + finished; each piece that comes out of the studio is crafted by DeRaffele in small batches + uses majority recycled metals and precious one of a kind gemstones.

For more on the metals and jewelry care click here

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Brittanny DeRaffele / Owner, Designer, + Jeweler

Brittanny DeRaffele / Owner, Designer, + Jeweler