J E W E L R Y  +  M E T A L  I N F O

"Each Sun & Selene piece is hand fabricated, hammered, finished, and polished in my studio in Richmond, Va. 

I work with all natural gemstones, recycled sterling silver, 14k gold fill, and recycled 14k gold solid. All scrap metal and clippings in my studio are collected and recycled either in house or sent off for refining. I order from a metal supplier who values their responsibility to the environment and operates their facility with nearly 5 acres of solar panels and also circulates recycled metals to refine for resale to jewelers and metalsmiths (like myself) who contribute to that cycle by saving and recycling every scrap of metal from the work bench."

+ Sterling silver will naturally patina or oxidize over time. Daily wear will help keep your sterling silver bright and clean, and when not in use, storing your pieces in a velvet pouch or air tight box will keep the surface from oxidizing.

+ 14k gold fill is a solid bond of 14k gold to a gold tone base metal. its great for sensitive skin (no nickel!) and with proper care it will wear and keep its shine for the life of the piece. Natural wear and tear will gradually lead to small scratches or a fading of your golds surface. A buff or polishing cloth with help preserve the surface of your piece.

+ 10k, 14k, 18k solid gold will last a lifetime with minimal care or maintenance. all pieces can be made to order using solid gold, contact for inquiries: sunandselene@gmail.com.

All pieces from Sun & Selene come with a lifetime of sizing, buffing, polishing, or cleaning/repair.

C A R E  +  C L E A N I N G

For a safe, effective clean you can do anytime, a soft bristle toothbrush + mild hand or dish soap will do wonders! Doing this when you notice any dulling will clean and remove any dirt or buildup. You can do the same with most stone rings. ALWAYS be extra gentle with soft stones like pearls, opals, and emeralds. (when in doubt, google it).

Sterling silver can naturally patina and oxidize over time (think “antiqued silver”) but it can be cleaned easily with a paste of baking soda and water. Use your fingers or a toothbrush to scrub with the paste, rinse, and dry! For stubborn tarnish (you know that ring you let sit out for a few months?) give it a dunk in warmed white vinegar! Heat a small bowl of white vinegar, drop your tarnished metal pieces in, and watch as they return to bright, clean pieces. This at home fix works great for jewelry as the acidic nature cleans your metal of any patina or tarnish and is non-toxic!! Avoid the vinegar method for any stones you are unsure of.

Regular hand washing/suds-to-jewelry contact in the shower will help keep your gems shiny, just be sure to always dry well after. Be cautious with beauty and hair products, rinse well after your beauty routine and dry.

Don't toss your Sun & Selene box and velvet pouch! Keep it handy for storing your gems when not in use, or to easily pack for travel.

Be cautious of contact with hard water (pools, salt water, chemically treated water) and rinse well and dry after to prevent any discoloration or reaction. Unsure? Play it safe and take it off.