that ring tho

by Brittanny DeRaffele

so obviously the ring.....the RING! I am a designer of jewelry, a maker of jewels, I make rings for a living!  And people ask me all the time: "did you make it?! it looks like something you would make!". No, I didn't make it. So, when our chatter of getting married started his first question was, so... do I like, buy you a stone, and you make it? How does this work? I thought about it too does this work? I mean ideally I would love to make it, but then its like, not a surprise. So, he told me, let this be the one piece of jewelry I buy and after this I'm done. HA! Perfect, I trust his judgement, I mean I gave him guidance and showed him pictures, lets be honest. I told him, go on Etsy, please, and support another jeweler who is doing what I do. It's everything, a simplistic, dainty 14KT yellow gold band with a bezel set trillion cut mother of pearl. It's SO beautiful. Like kind of magical looking. It catches the light and changes color when my hand moves. And it definitely fits me and my design aesthetic without my jeweler's mind thinking of "ugh none of my jewelry is going to match now". It goes right along with my design and style but still stands out on its on. And when I look down at it, I feel like its glowing, like it has this magical power and I can see into our future. This tiny crystal ball on my hand and I see him every time I look at it. It couldn't be more perfect. I didn't want -nor need- a big ole diamond ring with pave diamonds all over the place in an elaborate setting, just not me. Not knockin' em, just not for me. As for the wedding bands however, I WILL be making those! That's my favorite part of this whole shabang, I get to create our rings that will we exchange on the big day and wear forever. And of course I already know exactly what theywill look like. Stay tuned ..... ♥